Dublin Docklands

Corporate Identity System

The mission of Dublin Docklands is to be a world-class city quarter paragon of sustainable inner city regeneration – one in which the whole community enjoys the highest standards of access to education, employment, housing and social amenity and which delivers a major contribution to the social and economic prosperity of Dublin and the whole of Ireland. The new Dublin Docklands identity was created to support and express this mission. Designed by Source, the Dublin Docklands logo is the primary expression of the brand and it serves to identify the city quarter to all stakeholders. It has a dynamic, modern and open character that aims to reflect and enhance the qualities of the Dublin Docklands city quarter. The logo is made up of a symbol and a customised logotype. The symbol is made up of two sections, each representing the north and south sides of the city, above and below the flow of the Liffey.

© Conor McCabe photography