Dublin Port Company

Drawing Club Community Engagement

Dublin Port Company has always had a very strong sense of Corporate and Social Responsibility which is evident through the many projects they have initiated and supported over many years. In addition, in more recent years, Dublin Port has also been a strong supporter of artistic expression and in 2016 launched Port Perspectives, a commission to create a series of original and innovative public artworks and installations.

As part of Port Perspectives, Drawing Clubs were held with five local community groups, aimed at strengthening the bond between Dublin Port and the City and bringing Dublin Port to new audiences through the arts. Sketches, watercolours, pastels and collages capturing images and memories from life at Dublin Port were created by young and old during the series of workshops across the capital. The artists range in age from as young as 11 to almost 80-years-old.

Working alongside Declan McGonagle as curator, Source designed the book to celebrate the works of the aspiring artists which was produced as limited editions in both hard and paper back.

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