Gas Networks Ireland

Vision 2050

In October 2019 Gas Networks Ireland (GNI), part of the Ervia Group, published its vision to achieve a net-zero carbon gas network for Ireland. This comprehensive document identifies 5 primary carbon contributors and outlines how gas technologies can be deployed to deliver this vision. It details how Ireland’s state-owned gas network will play a major role in providing a solution to Ireland’s energy and climate change challenge to transform to a clean energy economy for future generations.

The design challenge was to create a document that would be engaging and understandable for all stakeholders from industry experts to Irish homeowners and customers. Key to achieving this was to examine complex content and data and distill this into a simpler visual language that can be easily understood by all. The success of this is evident as the Vision Roadmap infographic, which while detailed, provides a comprehensive overview of the key deliverables and milestones to be achieved over the three decades from now until 2050 to deliver a sustainable, secure and cost- effective decarbonisation pathway for Ireland.