Grafton Group plc

Annual Report 2017

As part of our design process, peer review is an important first stage of our journey when assessing the standard of our client’s annual report, not only within their sector but also in terms of best practice. In recent years the demands for transparency and further disclosure have impacted on how companies prepare their Annual Report. In turn, this has affected how we assist our clients and our design approach to meet the high standards particularly evident with larger listed companies. Every year it is our objective to improve the design and communication of each report and, this year, both the client’s ambition and our own were very much aligned as the Grafton Group plc Annual Report 2017 took a further leap in meeting best practice. Working in tandem with the Governance and Finance teams we redesigned, redeveloped and restructured the Strategic Report to reflect the links and interrelationship between Strategy, KPIs and Risk, and to demonstrate how the Group creates value for their stakeholders.

Source has been working with Grafton Group plc since we designed and produced their 2014 Annual Report and continue to assist the group in developing and improving their visual corporate communications.

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