ReportPro - A pain-reduction process...

We know that every client will go through some level of pain during the development of an annual report and it typically occurs during the editing and proofing process. We believe we can reduce if not eliminate that pain.

At Source, we are equally focused on the integration of technology within our processes and through exciting developments such as ReportPro, we have created a unique client-centric solution designed to provide the client with control of continuous edits through Word master files that sync directly with our InDesign files. And that's not all… it also automatically created a HTML version of that same content.


Revolutionise your Financial Reporting Process

A client-centric continuous editing solution for publishing financial reports

MS Word compatible

InDesign compatible

HTML compatible

The power to process over 5,000 revisions in under 3 minutes...

Ready-to-Publish PDF.

Ready-to-Publish HTML.

No more mark-ups.

No additional software.

No training required.

Clients manage all their edits and revisions in Word.

Continuous client-side editing.

Wonderfully efficient; magically performed.