ICG and C&C lead the way in RGB.

As we brace ourselves for the reopening of beer gardens and delight in the prospect of getting off the island sometime soon, we've been reflecting on two of our clients who will be at the front of this parade.

As the few remaining virtual AGMs fizzle out marking the end of another reporting season, both ICG, owner of Irish Ferries, and C&C, owner and distributor of many of our favourite tipples, have also been leading the parade as they again embrace the benefits of Digital Reporting. While others may settle for the convenient Summary Digital Report, full of promise yet lacking in substance, our champions have opted to deliver their entire report in all its HTML glory, including the Financial Statements, with every Note harmoniously created as a convenient hyperlink. Fully accessible and ultimately measurable, Digital Reporting requires a different approach and innovative thinking, not to mention an experienced in-house team for added information security. And although the long-awaited summer is here, before we fire up the barbeque and lather ourselves with Factor 50 we’ll be factoring in the impact of ESEF and iXBRL for next year’s reporting...

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