"Roll it there Colette"...

If the late great Gay Byrne was with us today he could possible use his trademark catchphrase as an introduction to RTÉ's Annual Report for 2020. This year, in tandem with the production of the printable PDF version, the RTÉ report was redesigned for digital publishing as a purposeful HTML online report.

As well as delivering the significant accessibility benefits, not to mention its Sustainability credentials, it also contains rich content and media including a brief video introduction by the Director General, Dee Forbes. The reporting structure has evolved and been refined over the last few years and while the Governance and Financial Statements follow a standardised format, the Business Review provides a succinct yet extensive overview of the many facets of the services provided by RTÉ - and this has primarily been the focus for our digital design team when designing for a responsive media. Digital is the perfect media for Corporate Reporting. The ease and intuitive nature of the navigation of the digital format provides a platform for greater engagement with the reader. The 30 second video intro, while optional to view, is worth the watch as it provides a quick snapshot of some of the many highlights of interest that occurred throughout the year across social, sport, entertainment and of course its news coverage, where 'independent research showed that 90% of people turned to RTÉ News for vital information in 2020'.

The RTÉ online Annual Report is an excellent example of why corporate reporting is increasingly migrating to a digital platform. Annual Reports by their very nature can be cumbersome publications to penetrate, but content designed specifically for digital media undoubtedly enhances the user-experience and accessibility of the report. Dynamic content moves and reveals on the screen either by design or by user interaction, encouraging greater engagement with the content and maintaining the attention of the reader for longer. Video content illuminates and charts animate as the content is accessed as it was designed to be consumed.

Undoubtedly there is a significant amount of work required to deliver an online report of this standard but arguably it is a much more efficient process for the client and a much more effective format for the reader. Our proprietary system can manage content in real time through our bespoke Content Management System (ReportPro) or by receiving updated Word documents, allowing our clients to continuously provide edits in a format that they are familiar with. Financial Statements can simply be updated and synced directly to our system so that minor or wholesale changes can be automatically captured.