Annual Report

Digital-first or Digital-best for ESG?

C&C embraces RGB as they report on ESG as they again embrace the benefits of Digital Reporting in their most recent Annual Report 2021.

When it comes to their brands, the good people at C&C know how to connect with their end user with a growing emphasis on their digital media strategy maintaining and strengthening their brand positions. And when it comes to sharing their Annual Report, publishing it in both print for the shareholder mailing and also entirely in HTML for a infinitely wider audience enhances its reach and arguably its corporate brand. HTML offers greater usability & functionality and enhances IR and other stakeholder communications. Information can be accessed and referenced more easily and efficiently through a well constructed and well organised online version of your report. Notes to the Financial Statements appear as convenient hyperlinks while cross referencing is achieved with similar ease throughout the document. The C&C plc Annual Report was developed using Source's proprietary software, ReportPro, allowing the client to make all their changes in Word throughout the development of the report eliminating the need for mark-ups, maximising efficiencies and ultimately saving both the client and studio valuable time.