Annual Report

Delivering a net-zero future

In Q1 of YE22, ESB launched its new strategy, driven to make a difference: Net Zero by 2040. Delivering a net-zero future will require clean electricity to play a key role in decarbonising the energy system. ESB (Networks) is working to connect and facilitate up to 80% renewable electricity generation by 2030 as set out in the Government's Climate Action Plan with over €200 million of large ESB Networks projects delivered over the year. This is a story of major capital investment, engineering and infrastructure construction across the transmission and distribution networks. ESB's strategy targets an accelerated transition to low-carbon electricity and is driving transformation in every part of the Group. New product and service offerings and investments in infrastructure will empower business, retail and industrial customers to reduce emissions and operate more efficiently and sustainably. Partnering with ESB, Source developed a more succinct structure to the report and created a refreshed design and layout including the commission and direction of purposeful photography to illuminate key projects that are accelerating ESB's transition to Net-Zero.