Football Association of Ireland

Strategy 2022-2025

The FAI kicks off 2022 with the launch of a new Strategy.

The FAI Strategy 2022-2025 was recently launched with little fanfare however its reach was far and wide.

While Covid-19 restrictions meant an in-person event was not practical, the launch of the FAI Strategy 2022-2025 was broadcast live through the FAI's youtube channel. While we can't claim any credit for the content contained within, we are delighted that the FAI executive team leading the charge took a 'Digital-first' approach to the design and publishing of the strategy itself. Our engagement with the FAI recommenced in December of last year and over the following weeks, we designed and refined the layout and structure of the content so that it was easily understood, easy to navigate and presented the content in an engaging way. Digital channels played a key role in the launch of the strategy; responsive design and build enabled accurate viewing across all technology platforms while promotion across the FAI's social media channels delivered easily accessible links to its primary stakeholder groups. Publishing online as a microsite provides further insights on site activity through analytics applied pre-launch. Digital-first does not mean digital-only with a physical copy having also been produced. Our remit did not end there - the backdrop for the broadcast event itself emanated from our studio here in Rathmines also. Have yourself a kick-about at