Annual Report

HTML provides the ideal reporting platform for RTÉ.

Ireland's National Broadcaster, displays rich content through rich media as it publishes its Annual Report for 2020.

Dare we say it ourselves, the RTÉ online Annual Report is an excellent example of why corporate reporting is increasingly migrating to a digital platform. Annual Reports by their very nature can be cumbersome publications to penetrate, but content designed specifically for digital media undoubtedly enhances the user-experience and accessibility of the report. Dynamic content moves and reveals on the screen either by design or by user interaction, encouraging greater engagement with the content and maintaining the attention of the reader for longer. Video illuminates content while charts animate as the content is accessed as it was designed to be consumed. We believe this year's RTÉ Annual Report leads the way for all state/semi-state agencies and demonstrates best-in-class when it comes to corporate reporting. Produced in both English and Irish languages, the report was developed using Source's proprietary software, ReportPro, allowing the client to make all their changes in Word throughout the development of the report.